Area RGS
Improving the performance of the Public Administration through the evolution of Services, Systems, and Data Platforms of the General Accounting Office.


Working together, exploring complexity, and leveraging the resources of the Organisation are the challenges that DOS confronts with its stakeholders through projects focused on dialogue with the involved communities.


DOS is a Design company of 30 professionals, including designers, facilitators, and researchers, who share the commitment to make a positive impact in large Organisations.


Versatile and context-aware Design solutions, to create value through effective and measurable changes.

Value Streams & Frameworks

Production of guidelines and models to support the development stages of the transformation journey.

Digital Products & Services

Conception, design, and generation of products intended for immediate use on a large scale.

Design Programmes

Design, delivery, and management of Design programmes to support transformation processes.

Training Programmes

Design, delivery, and management of programmes to support teams and individuals in their transformation journey.


We believe in change because we ourselves are the result of a constant transformation process.