Design Lead

Senior • On-Site/Remote

Who we are looking for
and what you will do

As a Design Lead you will embrace change as a key element of your work and be an active participant in researching, identifying and shaping insights in the research and design phases of digital and non-digital experiences. To meet the needs of end-users you will engage with the experiences behind business models, operating processes and digital products and services. You will design, articulate and apply research patterns, engagement models, information architectures and operational solutions, both from a strategic and product perspective. You will lead projects that make a difference with the skills, means and tools we will put at your disposal and keep the focus on the value to be created, both for the business and the end users, throughout the entire process.


Planning, organising and implementing projects through a specific application of Design is our way of creating value for Organisations. In the role of Design Lead you will be the interpreter of this approach, you will move autonomously and with the support of everyone you will tackle the different phases of the project to generate quality, produce real change and stimulate the professional growth of people and teams.

What you will be responsible for
  • you will coordinate teams during the course of projects, lead them through the relevant milestones and oversee the success of activities;
  • you will nurture the growth of people and accompany their development of skills and professionalism;
  • you will support the business to share the most relevant evidence from the management and application of Design in the different project streams;
  • you will develop solutions through process diagrams, touchpoint prototypes, customer journey and service blueprints with a view to analysing and tracking services;
  • you will work using best practices, design frameworks, UX/UI Libraries and Design Systems, managing the sharing and archiving of your output, both within the team and with the client;
  • you will analyse user requirements, related tasks and needs in different experiential contexts;
  • you will design, organise and conduct co-design and usability testing sessions with the client and end users, online and in-person;
  • you will design experiences and define information architectures using participatory and iterative design techniques;
  • you will produce user-side requirements specification documents, storyboards, scenarios, flowcharts and prototypes, using the most appropriate tools (Word, Mural, Primary, Confluence, etc.);
  • you will work with interdisciplinary teams that include designers, content strategists, project managers, business strategists and developers with whom you will share research results, elaborated ideas and design logic, in a clear, convincing and knowledgeable manner;
  • you will ensure the realisation of the project specifications on time and according to the shared timeline.

Working at DOS means participating in an ecosystem geared towards value creation. You will become part of a context that recognises and encourages specialisation, and you will learn about and make your own different methodological approaches that will help you develop your professionalism and drive the improvement and creation of operational models.

Characteristics of the ideal candidate


  • you have at least 6 years of experience in the role
  • you have also worked in Service Design;
  • you have a university degree or have followed an equivalent course of study in Art, Interaction/Experience/Service Design, User Interface Design.

Hard Skills

  • you have a sound knowledge of User Centred Design processes and methods
  • you are familiar with business aspects and the strategies and logics of operating complex organisations;
  • you have professional experience with Agile working methodologies and in organising and leading co-design sessions;
  • you have mastered the main design and rapid prototyping software such as Sketch, Figma, InVision, Whimsical, Axure, etc.
What would make you special
  • you have at least 2 years of experience in the development of complex Design-driven solutions for the Public Administration or in structured contexts such as large consulting companies, digital agencies, Design studios and leading companies in their markets
  • you have managed Design teams in projects for Public Administration of national resonance;
  • you have an excellent ability to handle change requests of a technical, organisational, strategic or business nature;
  • you have the technical knowledge to communicate in a knowledgeable manner with one or more development teams;
  • you have full command of Business and Service Design methodologies (Strategyzer, Blank, etc.) or operational management frameworks and processes (Disciplined Agile, Lean, etc.).