The anatomy of DOS services

DOS accompanies Organisations in their transformation paths, with services centred on Design: it supports and designs initiatives, models and processes to make change concrete and lasting.

DOS services intercept the international scope of the main Design and innovation management methodologies and integrate into complex contexts to produce value.

Versatile and context-aware Design solutions.

DOS constantly develops and nurtures services to support effective and measurable changes through modular, conscious and fully integrated competences in the serial, agile, exploratory, lean or hybrid lifecycles that Organisations pursue.

Value Streams & Frameworks

DOS services aimed at producing guidelines and models to support the subsequent development phases of the transformation pathway. In detail:

  • organisational models, disciplines and practices to unlock the value of Design within large digital initiatives;
  • agile value realisation processes that redefine business architectures, organisational models, structures and process areas.


• Business Design
• Organizational Design
• Value Stream Design

Digital Products & Services

DOS services to generate products for immediate large-scale use. They also provide specific skills for guiding, planning, managing and organising the conceptual, design and operational phases during the transformation process. In detail:

  • digital experiences that are sensitive to the input of all stakeholders, all cultures and all entities involved;
  • principles and rules that provide project teams with solutions, tools and methodologies for creating better experiences;
  • scalable systems that enable production guidelines in Organisations’ digital ecosystems.

Design Programmes

DOS services are dedicated to the design, delivery and management of Design programmes to support wide-ranging transformation processes. They envisage the organisation of competencies, communities and audiences and take the form of true end-to-end consultancy products. In detail:

  • programmes supporting organisations to harmonise, standardise and evolve complex scenarios and designs;
  • Governance models and Portfolio, Program and Product management solutions to implement initiatives supporting the business.


  • Portfolio, Program & Project MGMT
  • Design Facilitation

Training Programmes

DOS services are dedicated to the design, delivery and management of programmes to support teams and individuals who are key players in the transformation process. The objective is to prepare and accompany those challenges that the management of innovation produces and poses to organisations. In detail:

  • programmes to support Organisations during the transformation path into Learning Organisations;
  • models and practices for the empowerment of people and the evolution of the WoW (Way of Working) of Organisations.


  • People MGMT
  • Transformation MGMT
  • Continuous Improvement